Uniform Hotel Visitor Policy

San Francisco Administrative Code Section 41D

In 2002, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors created the Single Room Occupancy Hotel Safety and Stabilization Task Force, also known as the “SRO Task Force”, in order to approve a uniform visitor policy for residential hotels.

This law prohibits all visitor and guest fees and guarantees tenants the right to have visitors between the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm daily, as well as having eight (8) overnight guests per month.

The San Francisco Rent Board is authorized to hear complaints of non-compliance with the provisions of the Uniform Hotel Visitor Policy and may file a petition for a reduction in rent. (A tenant need not live in a hotel for thirty-two (32) continuous days before he can file a petition.) Police Code section 919.9 gives the San Francisco Police Department this jurisdiction to enforce this provision.

To obtain a copy of the current Uniform Hotel Visitor Policy, you can fax it to yourself through the Rent Board’s Fax Back system by calling (415) 252-4660 or visit their website at www.sfgov.org/rentboard/

The Policy is also available at their office in multiple languages.

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