Tenant Conventions

On October 23, 2002, we held our first ever Hotel Tenants Convention. Tenant Conventions are planned by tenants for tenants, over 150 residents attended from over 50 hotels. On October 29, 2003, we held our second Hotel Tenants Convention. This time, over 300 tenants from 100 hotels attended. The conventions included workshops on tenants’ rights, the history of residential hotels in San Francisco, and neighborhood resources. Tenants also get a chance to work in small groups to discuss the most pressing problems facing hotel residents and brainstorm some solutions. Annual conventions will be held each year in the fall.Tenant conventions are held on an annual basis.

Expanded: To include a few (3-5) photos of past Tenant conventions, information on upcoming tenant convention.

Tenant Convention 2010

Tenant Convention 2011

Tenant Convention 2012

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