Private Hotel Tenant Organizer Program

Despite the prominence of nonprofit-run supportive housing throughout the Central City, there still exist a number of hotels that are privately managed. Lacking on-site services, these tenants are particularly vulnerable to unsafe and illegal living conditions. The Private Hotel Outreach Program connects with tenants in their hotels. Private Hotel Tenant Organizers educate fellow tenants about their rights and advocate for safe, habitable environments free of harassment. They also support enforcement of the Hotel Conversion Ordinance to ensure the preservation of SRO units. The Private Hotel Outreach Program works in conjunction with the Department of Building Inspection and CCSRO’s Peer Counselor clinic.

If you are interested in becoming a Private Hotel Tenant Organizer, please contact the Central City S.R.O. Collaborative at (415) 775-7110 or visit our office at 472 Ellis St. for more information regarding these positions.

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