Just Cause Evictions

San Francisco Administrative Code Section 37.9 (a)

Tenants who are occupying a rental unit covered by the Rent Ordinance are protected under “Just Cause” evictions. In order for a landlord to proceed with eviction, the landlord must have a “just cause” reason that is the dominant motive for pursing the eviction.

In 1998, the Ordinance has extended eviction protections of “Just Cause” for tenants receiving tenant-based rental assistance from controlled or regulated government agency.

There are fifteen (15) “Just Cause” reasons for eviction under Ordinance section 37.9(a). The most common are:

  • Non-payment of rent or habitual late payment of rent.
  • Breach of a rental agreement or lease.
  • Owner-occupancy or occupancy by a member of the landlord’s immediate family.
  • To perform capital improvements which will make the unit temporarily uninhabitable while the work is being done.
  • To withdraw the rental units from the rental market under Ellis Act.

Note: Certain dwelling units whose rents are controlled or regulated by another government unit, agency or authority may be exempt from the rent increase limitations of the Ordinance, but are still subject to the just cause eviction provisions.

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