308 Turk Street

Action in front of Naan N Curry.

While many people were starting off 2013 with hopes of a better new year, families and tenants of 308 Turk (Turk Street, San Francisco) were being forced by their landlord to protest in front of Naan “N” Curry (336 O’Farrell ) to demand better living conditions in their apartment complex.

The two story building, better known as “308 Turk”, has become notorious for its housing code violations, as cited by the Department of Building Inspection (D.B.I.). Though tenants of 308 Turk pay high rents for their apartments, the conditions in which they live are anything but livable. Lack of heat, lack of security, leaking pipes, mold, broken windows, and rodent infested rooms are just some of the concerns tenants of 308 Turk are tired of facing.

Atique Rehman, owner of 308 Turk, is also a business partner of Naan “N’ Curry. According to the tenants, Rehman has made no attempts or taken any initiative to address the many complaints for much needed repairs in the building. In November 2012, the tenants sent letters with final requests to address their problems and never heard from Rehman. With more than thirty (30) active Notice of Violations (N.O.V.’s) issued by D.B.I., there has been no response from this negligent landlord.

With tenants and children of mainly immigrant families occupying the apartment, they are especially concerned about outsiders using their building as a haven for drug and alcohol usage in the hallways.

Several Director’s Hearings had been held by D.B.I., the latest hearing on Thursday, January 10th with a seven (7) day Order of Abatement issued. Yet the owner still has not acted, and the case went through a litigation committee review with D.B.I. on Tuesday, January 15th. With the final outcome of the committee, the case will be referred over to City Attorney to consider civil action.

Tenants of 308 Turk and community organizations gathered in front of Naan “N” Curry to make sure the message gets across the owner, to hold him accountable and take responsibility for his actions, and that enough is enough! Every tenant has the right to access safe, adequate, and sanitary housing.

Severe dilapidation in different apartments

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